CuckooLove Framework

1. Navigate to Dashboard → Appearance → CuckooLove in your WordPress dashboard panel.

CuckooLove Sidebars

2. Click on Sidebars button.

CuckooLove Sidebars

3. Or click on Sidebars from CuckooLove theme dropdown menu.

Using Sidebars Tab of the framework you can manage widgetized areas of the theme. CuckooLove theme contains default Main Sidebar which can be set for Single Blog Post, Single Work / Photo Page, Single Team Member / Guest Page, Single Testimonial / Guestbook Entry Page, Single Event Page, Search Result Page and Other Pages. In addition, a user can create an unlimited number of custom sidebars and assign them to any post or page (when default page template is used) individually.


Display Settings

1. Set global sidebar alignment.
2. Choose default sidebar for post and pages groups provided below.

Custom Sidebars

1. Click Add Sidebar button and new sidebar balow all sidebars will appear.
2. Enter an unique name for each sidebar. After changing sidebar name, all widget settings for this sidebar will be lost.
3. To delete sidebar click Delete Sidebar button.

Adding Widgets

1. After custom sidebars are created, navigate to Dashboard → Appearance → Widgets in your WordPress dashboard panel.
2. Start adding widgets by dragging them from Available Widgets list to a chosen sidebar on the right to activate it.