CuckooLove theme contains two map shortcodes. One is very simple and can be added using theme shortcodes dropdown in page or post editor. If you need a more advanced map, you should use Map plugin shortcode. This plugin allows including instances of Google Maps in your site using shortcode. You can insert maps everywhere: in your theme pages, posts, pages or posts headers or full width maps in your homepage using homepage builder shortcode unit.


  • Map Types: Roadmap, Satelite, Hybrid, Terrain;
  • Custom Map Zoom Settings;
  • Pan Control Settings;
  • Scale Display Settings;
  • Street View Settings;
  • Cutom animated Map Markers;
  • Custom CSS Settings.

Creating a Map

Cuckoo Plugins

Step 1

Navigate to Dashboard → Appearance → Cuckoo Plugins → Map Shortcode in your WordPress dashboard panel.
Map Shortcode

Step 2

1. Click Add Map button.
2. Enter title for your map.
3. Enter Map Address.
Map Shortcode

Step 3

4. Edit Map Type Settings.

Map Shortcode

Step 4

5. Edit Map Zoom Settings
Map Shortcode

Step 5

6. Edit Pan Control Settings.
7. Edit Scale Display Settings.
Map Shortcode

Step 6

8. Edit Street View Settings.

Map Shortcode

Step 7

9. Edit Map Markers.
Map Shortcode

Step 8

10. Edit Other Settings.
11. Edit CSS Settings.
Map Shortcode

Step 9

Copy Map Shortcode and paste it in any page, post or add it to the header of any page or post. Also you can add full width map to the homepage using homepage builder Shortcode unit.
13. Select Map as unit source;
14. Paste Map shortcode and click Save button.