CuckooLove Wedding WordPress Theme


UPDATED 03 MAY, 2017

Using CuckooLove Wedding WordPress theme, your wedding website can be build in one day!

By using CuckooLove theme you can have a website that holds all the information about the wedding and helps the couple better organize every detail and provide their guests with important information such as location, online RSVP, guestbook, contact information, gift registry.

Theme can be used for creating a One Page Site, Multiple Pages Site or eCommerce Site.


CuckooLove Theme provides an extensive and detailed online documentation with step by step instructions and lots of examples for using the theme.



Importing demo content will give you all demo content: sliders, pages, posts, menus, theme options, widgets, sidebars and all other settings.


CuckooLove theme contains several useful built-in plugins created by CuckooThemes: CuckooLike, CountDown, CuckooForms, Maintenance Mode and Map Shortcode plugin.

For example, using Cuckoo Forms plugin you can create RSVP forms, newsletters subscribe forms, usual contact forms and guestbook forms. Map Shortcode plugin allows you to create advanced wedding event location maps. Using CountDown plugin you can create wedding Countdown timer. In addition, you can use Cuckoo shortcodes to add elements created using any of these plugins anywhere in the site.


E-Shop Homepage
Product Page

Install WooCommerce plugin, activate it and CuckooLove theme styles will be applied to the entire E-Shop layout. Moreover, you can add any number of WooCommerce units and display different products types in your homepage using theme homepage builder.


Theme contains four sliders that can be used as the main slideshow unit of the homepage. You may choose the style for the main homepage slideshow: Nivo Slider, Full Screen Slider, Full Screen Image or premium Revolution Slider.

Revolution Slider can be displayed in homepage slideshow unit. Furthermore, it can be easily added using shortcode to the Header or Super Footer of any Page, Post and even to any Custom Post of your site.

Using Revolution slider, sliders and videos can be added anywhere in the site, even as a full-screen video on any page.


CuckooLove theme framework provides you with Homepage Builder to create a unique homepage structure with standard or one-page functionality. Set position and customize appearance of each homepage unit by adding backgrounds, colors or parallax backgrounds.

Homepage Units allows you to add your content to your homepage with ease:

3 Columns Unit
Can be used to introduce bride and groom or events. It comes with custom slider in the center of the unit;
Blog Posts Unit
Allows displaying blog posts using any of three layout styles;
Guestbook Unit
Allows displaying kind words of your friends and family members;
Guests Unit
Can be used to display your guests by categories;
HTML Text Unit
For advanced users;
Map Unit
To display Google Map;
Page Unit
Allows displaying any page created using default page template. This is the most usefull homepage unit, since it allows adding any content to your homepage;
Photos Gallery Unit
May be used to display your photo or video albums. Two options of preview are available: a photo can be displayed in a lightbox or viewed in a single photo page;
Shortcode Unit
Using Revolution Slider shortcode, an unlimited number of slideshows can be added to your homepage. Map Shortcode can be used here as well;
Social Media Unit
May be used to display social media icons;
Text Box Unit
Is the easiest way to display short messages with buttons;
Woo Navigation Bar Unit;
WooCommerce Unit
May be used to display your Shop products and/or categories.


Photo Custom Post
Functions as portfolio and all the content added via this post can be viewed using two portfolio page templates, homepage portfolio unit and using shortcodes. It can be used to create portfolios, photo or video albums, product galleries or any other kind of galleries.

Guests Custom Post
Can be used to create posts of team members, guests or participants with or without detailed personal or contact information. Content added via this post can be viewed using team page template, homepage team unit and using shortcodes.

Guestbook Custom Post
Can be used to create customer testimonials, reviews or well wishings. Two page templates, homepage testimonial unit and few shortcodes allow displaying all content added via this custom post.

Events Custom Post
Can be used to create any type of event listing. Content of this post can be viewed using homepage builder and theme shortcodes.


CuckooLove theme comes with an integrated feature of multiple Photos, multiple Blogs and multiple Guests. This useful feature allows organizing all your content with ease by categories, types or any other sorting system. Using certain page templates you can add any number of albums, portfolios, blogs by theme or guests by type to your site.


Custom Page Templates built-in this theme can be assigned to each single page. CuckooLove Theme contains 14 Page Templates including Default Template. Templates display the content that is entered as photos, blog posts, guests, guestbook entries or contact details.

Default Template;
Blog 3 Columns Template;
Blog 4 Columns Template;
Blog Full Width Option 1;
Blog Full Width Option 2;
Blog with Widget Area;
Contact Page Template 1;
Contact Page Template 2;
Contact Page Template 3;
Team Custom Post #2;
Testimonials 1 Custom Post #3;
Testimonials 2 Custom Post #3;
Works 2 Custom Post #1;
Works 4 Custom Post #1.



Advanced Theme Admin Panel allows you to manage every single element of the theme. Color customization system allows you to set unlimited number of color variations or to change color of any theme element: fonts, buttons, headers, dividing lines etc. Images used as theme backgrounds can be displayed as usual backgrounds or using parallax effect.


Theme headers are fully customizable: add plain text logo or upload image logo. Edit the navigation appearance of your site, choose navigation bar color and opacity, select fixed or sticky menu bar style, activate search icon and choose menu fonts. In addition, theme admin panel allows setting custom header style for any single post or page individually.


Theme footer is also fully customizable: activate footer menu, set footer menu fonts, colors and footer background; add additional contact information using html if needed. In addition, the theme has a superfooter, which is similar to the page unit and comes above the footer in every page and can be set individually for any page if needed.


CuckooLove theme contains ~80 useful shortcodes that allows you to add custom styles and elements to your site, create custom layout of your posts pages or any other theme units. Built-in shortcodes dropdown makes it much easier to use shortcodes.


CuckooLove theme is fully responsive and Retina ready. It means that the theme can be viewed on any type of mobile devices and will be sharp and crisp even on high resolution screens. Check responsivity of this theme by resizing your browser or on your mobile device.


WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs. CuckooLove WordPress theme is WPML compatible and contains PO and MO files.


CuckooLove theme was created with best SEO practices, so it allows search engines to index your website content without any additional SEO plugins. Anyway, if you want to use additional SEO plugins, we recommend using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.


CuckooLove theme also provides you with +640 custom fonts from Google. These fonts are fully customizable: you can set font properties and change colors.


Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done within the powers of CSS. 439 Font Awesome icons are fully integrated into the theme. Using a shortcode, icons can be added to any post or page, any size and any color.


Unlimited Sidebars
Using Sidebars tab of CuckooLove theme admin panel you can create unlimited sidebars and assign them to any page, post or custom post of your site;
Social Media Integration
CuckooLove theme contains integrated Social Media system. Link to your Social Media Profiles, add Social Media functionality to your posts and photos and share your content in the most popular social networks;
Theme Supports 3 Menus – Main Navigation Menu, Top Right Navigation Menu and Footer Menu;
Google Analytics
Copy and paste your Google Analytics code to get your site statistics.
And much more.


Visual content, including photos and videos used in the theme demo are for preview purposes only. All rights belong to their respective owners.

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Bebas Neue Font


Revolution Slider
Font Awesome
jQuery Nivo Slider Plugin
jQuery MB YTPlayer
jQuery plugin Nicescroll
Black and White Plugin for jQuery
Isotope / Commercial Lisence
jQuery Easing Plugin
Dynamic Layout Plugin for jQuery
Hoverdir Plugin for jQuery

CuckooLove Wedding WordPress Theme
CuckooLove Wedding WordPress Theme
CuckooLove Wedding WordPress Theme
CuckooLove Wedding WordPress Theme

CuckooLove Wedding WordPress Theme
CuckooLove Wedding WordPress Theme
CuckooLove Wedding WordPress Theme